About Tuniversity

Tuniversity is a company dedicated to reinvigorating music education using high-impact multimedia technology and the excitement of today’s pop music. Tuniversity publications teach music creation by deconstructing and then reconstructing today’s biggest pop hits. Students learn songwriting, arrangement, performance, and production by peering over the shoulders of the world’s leading artists and producers.


Such song-based lessons are only one aspect of the Tuniversity vision. Additional courses in Apple’s iTunes University will use pop music to lend excitement to multiple subjects. For example, we:

  • convey math concepts using rhythmic theory
  • teach English via song lyrics
  • delve into physics by exploring the science of sound
  • tackle historical and sociological topics by investigating the evolution of musical instruments and idioms
The possibilities are nearly endless.

Tuniversity believes music education is crucial, and not just for future musicians. Studying music builds discipline and confidence while encouraging creativity and self-expression. Our goal is to revitalize music education by making it more accessible, economical, and engaging than ever before.